Nick DeRose - UI/UX Design Manager

Hi, I’m Nick.

I'm a UI/UX design expert with over ten years of experience designing websites, user interfaces, and mobile applications. My career has focused on creating and optimizing products in the education space through research, testing, and smart, thoughtful design.

I am currently working as UI/UX Manager for Continued, an online learning company in the healthcare space and a 100% remote working company, where I've led the UI/UX team for the last six years.

Check out some of my featured work below, and thanks for stopping by.

See my 2019 office in Costa Rica  link

A year in Costa Rica

I spent most of 2019 in Nosara, Costa Rica, a small town on the Pacific coast, where I learned to surf and met some of the most amazing people in the world.

I worked my regular schedule while taking advantage of all the activities that living on the ocean in a jungle paradise has to offer.

Read Office with a view: UI/UX manager takes virtual office to Costa Rica.

Nick DeRose - UI/UX Design Manager
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UX / UI / Design Systems
Continued® Design System

Built in Figma utilizing the latest features, the Continued Design System provides the design team all the UI components needed for fast, efficient, and consistent UI and page design.

UX / Web & UI Design / Front-End
Continued® Rebrand

With four verticals all on the same codebase, we decided it was time to unite the company's separate brands into one. Check out the planning and execution on the largest project I've ever worked on.

UX / UI Design / Front-End
Continued® Dashboard & Nav

Building out a dashboard that worked across four different verticals with multiple user types was a challenge. See how the team and I accomplished this dynamic feat while keeping with our brand.

UX / UI Design / Front-End

Simucase is an application for Speech-Language Pathologists to practice their clinical skills in a virtual environment. For this project, we added real-time feedback and a host of other usability upgrades.