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continued Dashboard

One of the major objectives within the continued rebrand project was to separate our learning application from the marketing website. The solution to this was a logged-in view that changed the look and feel to an application interface with vertical navigation.

The dashboard within this view is a new addition that allows users to get the most important information front and center. If you've signed up for a live webinar, you can see exactly when it's going to begin and click directly through to the event. If you have pending courses, you can now see those at a glance and continue exactly where you left off with one click or tap.

The navigation automatically collapses for mobile devices and is entirely dynamic based on user type, membership status, and Career Center options.

My Contributions

  • - UX Research
  • - UI Design
  • - User Flow
  • - Strategy
  • - Prototyping
  • - Front-End Development
  • - Back-End Development
  • - Code Review

Planning & Research

First and foremost, we wanted to add the ability for users to easily see their pending courses and resume courses from where they left off in the process. We also wanted this to be a place for users to discover new courses and push our marketing initiatives. In order to display the correct info to each user dynamically, we needed to explore our user types and code these sections out accordingly for all scenarios.

User Types:

  • - Paid Member
  • - Free Course User
  • - Free Course Expired User
  • - Career Center User
  • - Expired Paid User

Evolution of Design

We went back and forth between horizontal and vertial navigation. These are just a few of the mockups that were created as part of full prototypes for each.

Elements Needed:

  • - Marketing Messaging
  • - Course Search Bar
  • - Pending Courses
  • - Career Center Jobs
  • - News from Twitter

First Draft

Design Evolution - Dashboard 1

Second Draft

Design Evolution - Dashboard 2

Third Draft

Design Evolution - Dashboard 3

Finished Launched Product

The final product for this project is now the most visited page on our site for our members. We've given them a central place to log in and see their courses at a glance, and users are happy with the increased ease of use it has given the application.

Dashboard - Final